Junkprints is a graphics based clothing line. I started the limited edition line out of my lil 400 sqf apartment in spring 2007. Since then I've moved the 1 lady operation from my apartment to a lovely studio space in Brooklyn and got some help. I've been featured on Good Morning America, the New York Post, the New York Sun, and numerous online,print and TV publications. I also have sold pieces and done work for some pretty awesome folks and establishments such as the Robert Verdi, Lady Gaga, Birkenstock, Nickelodeon, The Democratic Convention (along side Shepard Fairey), Readymade Magazine, O at Home Magazine and numerous blogs.

It's smarter than fashion, less pretentious than art, looser than design and good for the soul. Junkprints started out as one gals surface exploration of race and gender in the media. Junkprints is a response to mainstream media's exclusion and skewed representation of the rest of the American people. Junkprints was created as a lifestyle choice put into place to attempt to balance out the playing field. It's crack for the eyes and spinach for the brain. The word 'green' has been thrown around alot, but I think ethical and sustainably are better fits for what we are doing at Junkprints. Not only ethical in materials but socially accountable. Many of the themes I explore in the graphics deal with social accountability, as well as the choices is materials and construction. 80% of our zippers are factory overage, the straps on our bags come from a closed down belt factory. Our hang tags are made from end of run flyers, all people that work on our garments are paid fair wages. No fabric is wasted in the in house construction of our garments.

Junkprints is proudly located in Brooklyn, NY.

Thx for checking out my junk.

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